Wager Limits

The Battlefield Poker Poker Room offers players three betting modes, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit. You can see what types of betting is allowed for each game from the Lobby Screen. The "Stakes" column indicates the minimum/maximum bet for the table, and the "Limit" column indicated what type of betting is used. Games also have a minimum buy in, being the minimum amount of chips required in your account to play.

Fixed Limit games, called Fixed in the "Limit" column, are ones where the betting limits are structured by round. This is shown in the "Stakes" column, for example $10/$20 indicates that the initial bets and raises are $10, and the later bets and raises are $20. The minimum buy in for Fixed Limit games is ten times the minimum bet.

Pot Limit games, called PL in the "Limit" column. The maximum amount players can raise or bet is equal to the size of the pot. The size of the pot is the center pot, all bets on the table and the amount the player must call for the current bet. The software handles these calculations. The buy in for Pot Limit games is twenty times the minimum bet.

No Limit games, called NL in the "Limit" column, like Pot Limit games have no structure to the betting. Unlike Pot Limit games there is no limit on the maximum bet. As the name implies, No Limit games have no maximum limit on the amount you can bet or raise, though minimum raise is the amount of the previous bet or raise. The buy in for No Limit games is twenty times the minimum initial bet.



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